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We can assist you in being admitted to the Florida Bar















Don’t even think of facing the Florida Board of Bar Examiners alone!

Schedule a confidential case review with attorney Ken Lewis today and fight to preserve your right to practice law.   

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Are you a law student or recent law school graduate who

has past issues such as: prior arrests, dui, injunctions,

bankruptcy, drug or alcohol abuse, or something else

that will cause the Florida Bar to question your character?

If so, the Florida Bar will find out.

If so, that may affect your admittance to the Florida Bar.

If so, you need an aggressive, experienced attorney on your side.

Any Florida Bar applicant on the verge of becoming an attorney has sacrificed an immeasurable amount of time and money to get this far. Being rejected admittance to the Florida Bar has catastrophic consequences for you and your family. You cannot leave your admittance to the bar to chance. Most everyone has done something in their past which is not a reflection of their true character or has done something that appears major because it has not been presented in the correct light.


You need an aggressive trial attorney on your side to fight for your livelihood and to fight for your admittance to the Florida Bar.  At the Lewis Law Firm, former homicide prosecutor, attorney Ken Lewis knows what to expect in bar hearings before the Florida Board of Bar Examiners (FBBE) and knows what you need to do to gain admittance. We will work with you extensively to get the bar what they need and to assist you step by step in preparation for and representation during your bar hearing. Any mistake in dealing with the process could result in never being admitted to the Florida Bar or cause a delay of several years. You cannot afford to take that chance! 

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